Terms and Conditions for Exhibiting

Terms and conditions for individual events can be requested via email.

The following Terms and conditions should be followed at all events.

  1. If you do not following these conditions you will be asked to cease trading until the problem is rectified. If the problem is such that you are asked to cease trading altogether you will not be refunded your fee.
  2. Exhibitors must ensure they comply with all legal requirements relevant to their exhibition space including all relevant food safety, trading standards and health and safety legislation.
  3. Exhibitors must display business contact details, including a permanent business address.
  4. Diverse Events will not be held responsible for any poor sales experienced at any event. Nor will they be accountable for any loss due to adverse weather or cancellation of the event.
  5. Exhibitors are only permitted to sell within their allocated exhibition area. All equipment must be contained within the exhibition area.
  6. Exhibitors are only permitted to sell items as described when booking.
  7. Diverse Events cannot guarantee a particular position at any event.
  8. Exhibitors are responsible and liable for:
    1. Payment
    2. Public Liability Insurances (£5million is recommended)
    3. Risk Assessments
    4. CFOA Fire Risk Assessments
    5. PAT testing certificates
    6. If selling alcohol: Temporary Events Notice (TENS) licences
    7. If using gas at an event: Gas Safety Certificates
    8. If selling food at an event: Food safety management systems (safer food better business or equivalent)
    9. If selling food at an event: Local authority registrations or copy of food hygiene rating stickers
    10. If selling food at an event: Food Hygiene Training Certificates
    11. If selling food at an event: Organic Certificates (If required)
    12. If selling food at an event: Food origin information
    13. If selling food at an event: Allergen information
  9. All exhibitors are responsible for the insurance of their own property and goods at any event.
  10. Any electrical cabling shall be placed where it cannot sustain physical damage and does not cause a trip hazard.
  11. Exhibitors are responsible for the cleanliness of the exhibition area and any waste/grease must be cleared before leaving the event.
  12. The allocated exhibition area will be clearly marked on the day of the event. We take great care when planning events and therefore will not relocate exhibition areas once allocated, unless there are mitigating circumstances. Mitigating circumstances will be agreed by ‘Diverse Events’.
  13. The exhibition area will only be allocated upon ‘Diverse Events’ received full payment from the exhibitor.
  14. The exhibitor will not be set up their exhibition area till full payment is made to ‘Diverse Events’.
  15. The exhibitor will not set up the exhibition area till the allocated time.
  16. The exhibitor will not pack away and leave the event till the allocated time.
  17. The exhibitor is responsible for the decoration and set up of their exhibition area as well as any equipment that they may need. ‘Diverse Events’ will not provide any equipment at our events unless it has been previously agreed in writing.
  18. Exhibitors operating outside of the allocated exhibition area will be reminded to operate inside of their allocated exhibition area.
  19. All fees are payable in full before the event. Payment is contractual agreement that you accept this contract and all guidelines within.
  20. Exhibiting at an event is contractual agreement that you accept this contract and all guidlines within.
  21. Diverse Events will provide no electrical power outlets or other electrical equipment unless it has been previously agreed in writing.
  22. ‘Diverse Events’ will not be liable for:
    1. Theft, damage or loss of any property of the exhibitors, however caused.
    2. Loss of money or lack of earnings, caused by inclement weather, position of exhibition stand or any other case
    3. Penalties imposed due to the exhibitor’s failure to comply with any statutory requirement concerning their trading activities
    4. Public Liability Insurance in respect of any activities carried out by the exhibitor in connection with their exhibition area
    5. Any certificates in respect of any activities carried out by the exhibitor in connection with their exhibition area, these include but are not limited to Health and Hygiene, Risk Assessments, Gas Safety Certificates, Temporary Event Notices
    6. Refunding any fees for any reason, other than cancellation of the event, this includes act of God or terrorism
  23.  No permission has been granted for music to be played from any exhibition area unless it has been previously agreed in writing.
  24. The sale of alcoholic items is not permitted by any exhibitort.
  25. The use of petrol generators is not permitted by any exhibitor.
  26. Registration onto an event does not reserve your exhibition space at that event unless full payment is received.
  27. Payment of fees is not confirmation of your booking. If you have not been successful you will be informed and your full payment will be refunded.
  28. Diverse Events does not provide parking.
  29. Please note: For the purpose of this contract, ‘in writing’ includes email correspondence.

Terms and Conditions for Vehicles

Terms and conditions for individual events can be requested via email.

The following Terms and conditions should be followed when accessing closed sites or roads with your vehicle.

  1. Failure to display a valid permit may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.
  2. Diverse Events accepts no liability in respect of loss or damage to any vehicle or the contents of any vehicle.
  3. Permits must be prominently displayed so as to be visible to both Civil Enforcement and Police staff and only used by the vehicle it was issued to.
  4. The vehicle speed must not exceed 10mph while travelling on a closed site or road.
  5. The vehicle speed must not exceed 5mph while travelling on a grass or soft floorings.
  6. The vehicle should not travel in reverse gear, or perform u-turns, unless the activity is supervised by a banksman at an appropriate speed and in a controlled manner.
  7. Vehicles must only use the access and egress routes advised by Diverse Events.
  8. You must never park in such a way as to cause an obstruction or danger to pedestrians.



Terms and Conditions for Event Management

Available on request.

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Data Protection/GDPR

1. Data Protection Statement

The First Principle of the Data Protection Act 1998 requires that personal data is processed fairly and lawfully. Diverse Events is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information relating to exhibitors.

Personal data held by Diverse Events will be held and processed for the purposed of:

  • administering/managing the business relationship (managing and processing bookings/payments).
  • upholding the contract Diverse Events has with the the individual.
  • complying with the law (holding copies of Public Liability Insurances, etc).

Disclosure of personal information to a third party will only occur:

  • with the expression permission of the exhibitor
  • when there is a legitimate interests of a third party (e.g. passing on insurance details in the event of a claim)
  • if Diverse Events has a statutory/legal obligation to disclose the information
  • if it is necessary to protect the vital interests of the exhibitor (e.g. where disclosing the data is required to fulfil a medical emergency or to stop loss of earnings to the exhibitor).

1.1 The right to subject access

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, an exhibitor has the right to be informed of the information held about him/her and to discover to whom it has been disclosed. Should an exhibitor wish to access the details held by Diverse Events, they must make a formal request for the data.

2. Document Retention

The aim of this Statement is to provide a framework for the retention and disposal of personal data held by Diverse Events, which is both sensitive and non-sensitive in its nature.

This Statement is written with due regard to the principles and guidelines laid out in the Data Protection Act 2008, the Data Protection (Processing of Sensitive Personal Data) Order 2000 and other guidance available from relevant professional bodies, such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Where appropriate, reference is made to the retention and disposal of both electronic and paper files.

Within this Statement, the time limits for keeping records are based on the time limits for potential tribunal or civil claims. Where the recommended retention period given is 6 years, this is based on the 6 year time limit within which legal proceedings must be commenced as laid down in the Limitation Act 1980

2.1 Registration

In applying to exhibit with Diverse Events, exhibitors provide information by way of the following:

  • Application Form
  • Electronic Mail

These are retained in electronic format throughout the time the exhibitor exhibits with Diverse Events.

Application Forms, Electronic Mail and other documentation associated with the exhibitions and registration process are retained for a period of no more than 6 months in a secure location, after which time they are also destroyed.

2.2 Exhibitor Files

Exhibitor files, including insurance records, will be retained for 6 years after an exhibitor exhibits. As standard, all exhibitor files include the following documents:-

  • Application Form
  • Insurance Details
  • Food Hygiene Certificates
  • Risk Assessments
  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Numbers
  • Email Address

3. Working off site

The seventh principle of the Data Protection Act (1998) requires that ‘Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data’. It is recognised that Diverse Events may need to work outside of the office. This could take the form of using home computers, laptops or palm computers, which do not necessarily have the requisite security measures that are present on computers within the Diverse Events Office. This will only be allowable if the devices have relevant encryption software and are password protected.

Wherever possible, personal data will not be worked on outside of the office. However, it is recognised that this may be necessary, in exceptional circumstances.

4. Exhibitor files held by third parties

It is recognised that third parties maintain their own records relating to exhibitors in their venue. Where this is the case it is a requirement that these are held in a secure location and treated with appropriate levels of confidentiality. All information held by third parties must be destroyed when the exhibition time has come to a close, unless insurance claims are being processed. This includes any information held electronically, such as e-mails. Diverse Events retain a copy of all passed on information for no more than 6 years.

5. Purpose of Data

Personal data held by Diverse Events is primarily used for reporting purposes. This includes:-

  • Informing venues of insurance details, if required
  • Attendance levels
  • Registration levels

6. Checking/amending personal data

If exhibitors need to update their personal information they should contact Diverse Events through email on

Legal Documents

PL Certificate
EL Certificate

Full event plans can be requested if needed.