Gingers the Gathering 2016

There are a variety of pride events around the globe, but have you heard of Ginger Pride? I certainly hadn’t – but I recently found out there is a revolution happening! Ginger people are standing up and being counted!

There are a minority of people with ginger hair who do get discriminated against and bullied through their lives – just because of their hair colour. That is where ‘Gingers the Gathering’ comes in.

Gingers the Gathering gained speed when ‘The Metro’ picked up the story. Then ‘The Independent’. Even ‘The Mirror’ got involved.

The 6th of August saw Gingers The Gathering metaphorically painted Plymouth Athenaeum ginger for the day, with music, entertainment, gingerbread men decorating, the best ginger hair competition, indoor market, comedy shows ran by Plymouth Comedy Club then finally an after party at Plymouth’s Envy.

Online there was an international audience, with media requests from America, Canada and a number of European countries. On the day there was a bit less of an audience, but still a fantastic first ‘Ginger Pride’ for Plymouth.

The local newspaper did a live stream interviewing the founder of Gingers the Gathering.

The day was enjoyed by all and was the first of many Ginger Prides in Plymouth. The main event was finished with a performance by the very talented Rheingan Sisters.

After the main event a comedy show and after party ensued!

If you would like to keep up to date with the goings on of Gingers: The Gathering, you can do so by giving their Facebook Page a like.