Plymouth’s Independent Quarter and Trees

If you don’t support Plymouth, Plymouth’s businesses and the initiatives to promote the local shops then we might as well close down half the city and turn Plymouth into a huge Drakes Circus ran by corporations that care little for our city. Plymouth’s city centre is currently divided in two, with the larger shops in

Wedding Fairs: Do we really need them?

Wedding fairs are a wonderful thing. Everyone is happy, couples walk around browsing exhibitors and picking out things to make their dream wedding come true. Exhibitors are happily telling couples about the wonderful weddings they have done in the past. Everyone is cheery, but are they really? Over the next 12 months, in the South

How should you be approaching events?

When chatting to exhibitors, almost each and every one has mentioned the decline of sales at events or exhibitions. Wrong venue? Wrong weather? Wrong advertising? Maybe a mixture of all three? I, however, put this down to the economic climate, I can hear you groaning from here, more talk of this elusive “economic climate”. People

The busiest weekend of the year

The first full weekend of December is often considered the busiest weekend of the year, packed full of Christmas fairs, fetes and markets. I frequently get asked why I miss this ‘perfect’ weekend. I answer with two simple reasons; This weekend is saturated with events already It’s too late to hit Christmas shoppers The first

The West End Circus 2013

This was certainly an interesting event from day one. It was ran purely to support the small businesses in the independent sector of Plymouth, including Plymouth City Market. Originally being organised by The Chilli Shack and Naturally Ethical Trading being backed by Plymouth City Centre Company. The traders reached out for support four weeks before

THE Plymouth Wedding Fair 2013

THE Plymouth Wedding Fair 2013. What a wonderful day! We don’t do many wedding fairs at all really. There are far too many, a really over saturated market, but we like to give our exhibitors a platform to show off what they can do – this event was no different! From any onlooker, they were

Tavistock Diverse and Extraordinary Fair

“That fair was heavenly, just heavenly” – A very happy customer “This is the busiest event I have been to at the Town Hall!” – A very happy trader One of our first events, the Tavistock Diverse and Extraordinary Fair. Days, weeks and months of preparations all come down to one single day. Today was


Boardmasters 2013 is here! The Sun is shining and people are smiling! The Truly Scrumptious Sweet Shack is up and running. After tasty sweets head next door to Funky Beach Hut for some amazing food… I’d recommend the baked vegetable pasties. Tasty! Of course, don’t forget to head over to the main stage for the days main performances. Another

The Importance of Being Online

“Having a website is going to allow you to reach a wider customer base and could make you more money and more successful.” According to a recent study “the UK carries out far more retail online than any other major economy”. This is becoming more and more apparent when you look at the amount of high street businesses

The New Continental Hotel Wedding Fayre

Facebook Event I’ve had the pleasure to visit The New Continental Hotel’s Wedding Fayre today where they had hand picked some of the South West’s top Wedding Suppliers answering questions, giving that all important inspiration and helping fulfill everyone’s desires all day long. On arrival I was greeted with a choice of drinks and a