THE Plymouth Wedding Fair 2013

THE Plymouth Wedding Fair 2013. What a wonderful day! We don’t do many wedding fairs at all really. There are far too many, a really over saturated market, but we like to give our exhibitors a platform to show off what they can do – this event was no different! From any onlooker, they were

Tavistock Diverse and Extraordinary Fair

“That fair was heavenly, just heavenly” – A very happy customer “This is the busiest event I have been to at the Town Hall!” – A very happy trader One of our first events, the Tavistock Diverse and Extraordinary Fair. Days, weeks and months of preparations all come down to one single day. Today was


Boardmasters 2013 is here! The Sun is shining and people are smiling! The Truly Scrumptious Sweet Shack is up and running. After tasty sweets head next door to Funky Beach Hut for some amazing food… I’d recommend the baked vegetable pasties. Tasty! Of course, don’t forget to head over to the main stage for the days main performances. Another

The Importance of Being Online

“Having a website is going to allow you to reach a wider customer base and could make you more money and more successful.” According to a recent study “the UK carries out far more retail online than any other major economy”. This is becoming more and more apparent when you look at the amount of high street businesses

The New Continental Hotel Wedding Fayre

Facebook Event I’ve had the pleasure to visit The New Continental Hotel’s Wedding Fayre today where they had hand picked some of the South West’s top Wedding Suppliers answering questions, giving that all important inspiration and helping fulfill everyone’s desires all day long. On arrival I was greeted with a choice of drinks and a

SEO Basics: Increasing Website Traffic for Small Businesses

So you have a website for your business and you’re pretty happy with it. It has everything you think you want to say, a nice design and it’s got you out there on the internet where there are millions upon millions of potential customers who you are sure will want to hear about you and

Facebook, Twitter and Word of Mouth

92.9% of UK Internet users are on Facebook and the number of UK Twitter users has doubled in the past two years. “Facebook? Oh yeah, I have one of them, I don’t use it much”. I hear this all too often, if you’re guilty of having this conversation, then you’re doing things wrong! 92.9% of

Treasuring our Traders

Without our traders, we are nothing – You are our most important asset. I make it part of my job here at Diverse Events to search out events in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall that are like ours. I like to know what other events organisers are doing, what is going well for them and what

Displays – The window to your business

You arrive at the venue, a decorated event room with exhibitors areas nicely set out, but now you’re faced with the mammoth task of making your space look amazing. “Oh, that’s the easy part” I hear you say, then why do so many people get it wrong? Your exhibition space, be it a table, marquee

Don’t judge – Engagement is key!

  As an events organiser in Devon, I get out to as many events as possible, from craft fairs and wedding shows right up to Royal County Shows and I see it time and time again; exhibitors judging the potential customers. They notice someone approaching, but instead of looking up from their phone, smiling, greeting