Saltash National Play Day 2014

The Saltash Lions hit Saltash Social Club like a wrecking ball for the Saltash Lion’s National Play Day with hundreds of children enjoying their right to play, with tons of gifts from the baby-stroller reviews! Easily over 300 visitors came out for the Saltash Lion’s National Play Day, with a room full of smiling faces from

MTV Crashes Plymouth

We all love a good moan, but for a change I have to say well done to Plymouth City Council, Plymouth BID teams, MTV and the other organisations that helped run and organise MTV Crashes Plymouth. The Hoe, as always, looked amazing, the stage looked and sounded amazing and the atmosphere was also, amazing. Kiesza

Celebrate Callington

A new venue running alongside the Callington Carnival during Festival Week, with the sun shining and people lining the streets! Over 300 visitors supported us at Callington, all of them seemed happy with the event, variety of exhibitors and the tasty kitchen snacks on offer! One notable quote was from Alison Johns, the District reporter

The Bridal Corner

It’s always fantastic when friends, exhibitors, colleagues and acquaintances progress in their life, be in it business or personal life. I have heard from a couple of people who are currently looking for new premises, or moving into bigger premises. This is fantastic news! Kelly is one of those people, originally “Table of Elegance” providing chair

Who is Secret Plymouth?

They say over on their website that it is a secret, but why are they being so secretive? I’m not sure. What I do know is that I’ve seen lots of chatter on Twitter and in person with people guessing who it is and I see that as a good thing – It’s a bit

What can you get in Plymouth for £15.00?

On occasion, we wonder about our £15.00 events. They are generally the cheapest events we do and we sometimes get asked what exhibitors get for their money. A previous post mentioned some of what exhibitors get, but this time we are focusing on what you could spend that £15.00 on instead in Plymouth to put

It’s ‘FAIR’ not ‘FAYRE’

That’s it, I’m done. I can’t handle it anymore and I have to speak out. You’re all spelling ‘fair’ wrong. It is not ‘fayre’. Look it up, go get the dictionary right now. Collins English Dictionary says that ‘Fayre’ is a “pseudo-archaic spelling of fare”. The Cambridge Dictionary doesn’t even list it as a word.

The Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair 2014

Having sunshine all week long was positive, then on the morning of the event we had rain, rain and more rain. The zoo had under 100 guests in all day. A disaster of an event was looming. However, as mentioned in previous posts, we don’t do many wedding fairs as the wedding industry is far too

Events: You Get What You Pay For

As with most things in the world today, you get what you pay for. If you buy a chicken from the supermarket, you might pay £2.50. If you buy a fair trade, free range, corn fed chicken, you might pay double. However, you are paying for the extra care, service and quality of that chicken

Twitter, Hashtags and Hours

I love social networks, they offer a potentially huge reach at the click of a button, but it’s been mentioned to me a number of times about how confusing it all is, with these #hashtags and #hours springing up all the time. I won’t overwhelm you with information about how to use social networks, as