Successful Wedding Fair?

I attended a Wedding Fair on Sunday, it was ran by Saltash Chamber of Commerce and looked as if it was a great success with lots of happy brides and grooms to be. Whilst chatting to a couple of people who were exhibiting there, I had some great feedback about the Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair.

Saltash Christmas Festival 2014

Last year I wrote a blog about the busiest weekend of the year, saying how there are simply too many events on the first weekend of December. However, this year I was lucky enough to be heavily involved in the Saltash Christmas Festival. I love working in Saltash. The sense of community is second to

Recommendation Culture

Edit: WE ARE NO LONGER RUNNING THIS OFFER I am often asked how I advertise to my exhibitors and the list of advertising methods is as long as my arm, but the number one advertising method? The best way of gaining new exhibitors? It’s not an advertising method at all. It is word of mouth

Public Liability Insurance and HMRC

More often than I would like to admit, I have a worrying conversation with potential exhibitors that goes a little bit like this: Me: “To confirm your booking, please send over a copy of your public liability insurance.” Exhibitor: “Oh, I don’t have insurance, this is only a hobby you see, to make a bit

#LoveSaltash Market – October

After writing over 20 pages of plans, risk assessments and breaking through a whole load of red tape we an iffy start to the #LoveSaltash Markets with September being canceled. However, October came around quick enough and we had 18 exhibitors booked in to trade, 2 less than full – fantastic! Road marked out, road

Is this the end?

UPDATE: Due to a change in contractual circumstances at the store, I left the position. I’m still here at Diverse Events full time! I won’t be bursting into song or asking you to hold your breath and count to ten… However, I do have some big news. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be offered a

Brixham Breakwater Charity Fishing Competition

A fishing competition?! Slightly different from the markets, black tie events and wedding fairs i’m used to, that’s for sure! However, that being said, what a fantastic event. We were lucky with the weather, millpond conditions, perfect for fishing – or so I’m told. A quick setup and the anglers slowly signed in. With the

Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair 2014

We returned to Dartmoor Zoo this past Sunday for their second ever wedding fair. Arriving early on Sunday morning to put the final touches to the venue we were informed the zoo had major crisis on their hands. They had no water in the zoo, without water they could not open, they even ran out

Summer Fun at Trethorne

A new venue at one of Cornwall’s all weather family tourist attractions. We were set for an exciting day. The Shire Horse Suite was situated in the hallway that each and every customer to the leisure park has to walk by, perfect to grab any wandering customers! Banners up, picket signs up and A-Board ready

Last Minute Cancellations – Based on a true story

Very often things change, exhibitors can’t attend an event. Generally I’ll try my best to refund the exhibitors space, if I can, however it’s an event organiser’s worst nightmare when exhibitors drop out at the last minute leaving you with a great big space to fill, with nobody to fill it. 7pm – 39 hours