Is this the end?

UPDATE: Due to a change in contractual circumstances at the store, I left the position. I’m still here at Diverse Events full time! I won’t be bursting into song or asking you to hold your breath and count to ten… However, I do have some big news. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be offered a

Brixham Breakwater Charity Fishing Competition

A fishing competition?! Slightly different from the markets, black tie events and wedding fairs i’m used to, that’s for sure! However, that being said, what a fantastic event. We were lucky with the weather, millpond conditions, perfect for fishing – or so I’m told. A quick setup and the anglers slowly signed in. With the

Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair 2014

We returned to Dartmoor Zoo this past Sunday for their second ever wedding fair. Arriving early on Sunday morning to put the final touches to the venue we were informed the zoo had major crisis on their hands. They had no water in the zoo, without water they could not open! Luckily the DZP team

Summer Fun at Trethorne

A new venue at one of Cornwall’s all weather family tourist attractions. We were set for an exciting day. The Shire Horse Suite was situated in the hallway that each and every customer to the leisure park has to walk by, perfect to grab any wandering customers! Banners up, picket signs up and A-Board ready

Last Minute Cancellations – Based on a true story

Very often things change, exhibitors can’t attend an event. Generally I’ll try my best to refund the exhibitors space, if I can, however it’s an event organiser’s worst nightmare when exhibitors drop out at the last minute leaving you with a great big space to fill, with nobody to fill it. 7pm – 39 hours

Saltash National Play Day 2014

The Saltash Lions hit Saltash Social Club like a wrecking ball for the Saltash Lion’s National Play Day with hundreds of children enjoying their right to play, with tons of gifts from the baby-stroller reviews! Easily over 300 visitors came out for the Saltash Lion’s National Play Day, with a room full of smiling faces from

MTV Crashes Plymouth

We all love a good moan, but for a change I have to say well done to Plymouth City Council, Plymouth BID teams, MTV and the other organisations that helped run and organise MTV Crashes Plymouth. The Hoe, as always, looked amazing, the stage looked and sounded amazing and the atmosphere was also, amazing. Kiesza

Celebrate Callington

A new venue running alongside the Callington Carnival during Festival Week, with the sun shining and people lining the streets! Over 300 visitors supported us at Callington, all of them seemed happy with the event, variety of exhibitors and the tasty kitchen snacks on offer! One notable quote was from Alison Johns, the District reporter

The Bridal Corner

It’s always fantastic when friends, exhibitors, colleagues and acquaintances progress in their life, be in it business or personal life. I have heard from a couple of people who are currently looking for new premises, or moving into bigger premises. This is fantastic news! Kelly is one of those people, originally “Table of Elegance” providing chair

Who is Secret Plymouth?

They say over on their website that it is a secret, but why are they being so secretive? I’m not sure. What I do know is that I’ve seen lots of chatter on Twitter and in person with people guessing who it is and I see that as a good thing – It’s a bit