Do Wedding Services Cost Too Much?

I often get asked why certain services cost so much in relation to weddings. “My Photographer charges so much, he only stands around for an hour to take some pictures”, “Why is the cake maker so expensive? It’s only a cake…” Although I’m terribly polite when responding, I often want to rattle off the following

Totnes Christmas Market 2015

A super early start for the Totnes Christmas Market arriving at 6.30am in Totnes to put up bunting and signs (in the three degree cold!) but a clear day for the weather which is always a fantastic start to an event day! Exhibitors set up and 4Tissimo playing away, we were set for a festive

Launceston Christmas Market 2015

A very rainy journey through flooded roads heading down to Launceston Market did not give a positive start to the day, but I was still out facing the rain putting up bunting, banners and posters whilst awaiting for the exhibitors to arrive. A few last minute drop outs due to the horrendous weather, but a

Warm up to Christmas 2015

We returned for our annual “Warm up to Christmas” event at Tavistock Town Hall, back where our whole event journey began. Banners up, signs up, A-board positioned, exhibitors set up, bunting everywhere, Christmas music blaring and teas, coffees and hot chocolates ready for the exhibitors. A steady day of footfall (till the heatwave hit!) totalling

The Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair 2015 – September

We take pride in the fact that we work hard at our events. We always try to deliver and we are always looking to improve. We surpassed even our own expectations at the September Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair. Setting up the second wedding fair of the year at Dartmoor Zoo, one of the South West’s

Improving the events you attend

I often get asked, how, as an exhibitor, can you improve the events you attend? Other than the usual smile, interact and engage (which can be read about in a previous blog post), we have a few tips and tricks below on how to boost attendance numbers to help increase your earnings! Put every event

Celebrating Callington 2015

We returned to Callington Town Hall for our “Celebrating Callington” event during the “Callington Carnival” and “Callington Festival Week”. The weather was beautiful, which although was great – meant a fair few people headed to the beach. Our visitor numbers were around 250, so down from the 300 from the year before. The public that

The Dartmoor Zoo Food and Craft Market 2015

After the success of the wedding fairs at Dartmoor Zoo, we returned for a two day food and craft market on Bank Holiday Monday and the Tuesday of half term. We were very lucky with the weather as it was beautiful sunshine on both days – perfect for the zoo! With the weather being so

Stack them high, sell them cheap

I believe it was Jack Cohen who first said “Stack them high, sell them cheap”, way back in the early early in the 20th century before he founded Tesco. Although a fantastic way of running a cheap shop, stocking a huge amount of low quality good and selling them cheap – it is not the

Dartmoor Zoo Wedding Fair 2015

Once again we were back at one of the South West’s most unique wedding venues for their first Wedding Fair of 2015. Marquee filled with wedding suppliers, cars outside, goodie bags at the ready and live music playing we hit a crisis. We had lost all electricity to half of the fair! 10 minutes later